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"First day with Mike's statistical modeling software and all I'm going to say is that you could've made all the money for it back and then some ALREADY! The picks are doing great and 2 of the picks already went up well over 100% and one almost 500% and it's only Monday. This in insane! "

Hunter D.

"Simple, consistent, and easy. I'm up 25% trading part time all while maintaining a full time job. If you're looking for consistent gains this is an amazing way to do it. As passive or active as you want and all a great value!
Thanks Mike!"

Shawn L.

"StockedUp is awesome. I've made more money with Mike than any other website I've ever paid for. Definitely worth it. Mike is super awesome and knows his stuff. If you have any questions, Mike will answer! He posts a lot of free successful trades #1 being the straddles! Its a Fantastic trading community!!"

Adrianna D.

"I have quite a few years' experiences with various stock market "gurus". Some good, some great and some scammers! I have to say that so far, my experiences with Stocked-Up have been excellent! These young men KNOW THEIR STUFF INSIDE AND OUT! Not only are they very knowledgeable, but they MAKE PROFITS! The information they give you is very reliable! Not only is it fantastic with respect to the latter, but they are incredibly helpful and do their best to help you move forward and enjoy profits! All I can say is that if they are this amazing now, can you imagine how much more amazing they will be as time goes on! They are truly a wonderful group of seriously intelligent, honest, hard working, generous and helpful young men. You will be very pleased if you sign up with them. Congratulations to the Stocked-Up team for your wonderful trading business and educational company! Onward and upward lads! Thanks so much for all you do."

Celeste S.

Excellent opportunity to get in on algorithm options trading with some inspiring young minds. Not only has the option trading been successful, but they are always available and answer questions in an extremely quick timeframe. I also enjoy the other callouts that are not part of the package, but always seem to be great plays. Excited to see where these young men end up in 10 years. The algorithm paid itself off within the first week of buying.

Cole C.

Stock Mastery is great. I am learning so much and definitely faster than I would have alone via Youtube videos. Tom Moore is helping so much. I really appreciate what y'all offer. Thank goodness Tom reached out to me before I signed up with Tim Sykes.
Carol K.