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Statistical Modeling Options Picks 

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What Is Stat Modeling?

Our Statistical Modeling program is BY FAR our most popular service. We provide daily options trades, access to custom trading robots and an amazing community for traders looking to grow their accounts. Best of all, there is NO TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE NEEDED and it is very easy to follow the alerts!

What do you get with your purchase of stat modeling?

  • Easy to follow daily swing trade & day trade alerts 
  • Access to day trading robots and insider trading alerts 
  • Access to unusual options activity bots 
  • Access to educational channels and breaking news bots
  • Theta (time decay) strategies  
  • Access to an amazing, private community!  

Product 1 - The Options Bot

The Stat Modeling Algorithm updates you every minute showing you the best options to day trade.

Product 2 - Swing Trades

We Tell You What To Buy. 


We Tell You When & What To Sell.


How Our Program Works

Our statistical modeling options program is by far our most popular program. The daily options picks work great and they're easy to follow. We have a ton of custom trading robots that you can use as much as you’d like.  

In addition to great options alerts you’ll also have access to a private community filled with traders from all over the world. Whether you’re a new trader or you have a ton of experience, you’ll find our trading robots useful and there are plenty of networking opportunities within the private community. The alerts are sent through a free app called Discord and whenever there is a new alert, you can get a notification directly to your phone. 

A lot of our trading robots are custom coded and you won’t find them ANYWHERE ELSE.  

Some of our best plays of 2021:

UPST calls 178%
$100 into $278

ZM calls 149%
$100 into $249

GME calls 1258%
$100 into $1,358

XLK puts 133%
$100 into $233

See Our Program In Action

What All Is Included With Statistical Modeling Options Picks?

  • Daily swing trade & day trade alerts - daily options alerts. We do all of the work finding the plays and managing the position. All you have to do is follow the alerts. 
  • Access to day trading robots - You won’t find this technology anywhere else. The bots are programmed to find the best options day trade setups each and every day. When the robot finds a play it really likes, you’ll get an alert! 
  • Insider trading alerts - Know exactly what and when insiders make trades 
  • Access to unusual options activity bots - Have access to follow hedge funds and other big money traders 
  • Access to educational channels - We provide educational content so all of our members can continue to learn
  • Access to breaking news bots - Standard news channels can be slow sometimes but our bots catch the news right as it happens
  • Theta (time decay) strategies - We offer strategies that focus on the passage of time like short put options 
  • Access to an amazing, private community! - 24/7 access to our admins and a great private community

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$149/month ($300/month value)

Hunter D.

"First day with Mike's statistical modeling software and all I'm going to say is that you could've made all the money for it back and then some ALREADY! The picks are doing great and 2 of the picks already went up well over 100% and one almost 500% and it's only Monday. This in insane! "

Shawn L.

"Simple, consistent, and easy. I'm up 25% trading part time all while maintaining a full time job. If you're looking for consistent gains this is an amazing way to do it. As passive or active as you want and all a great value! Thanks Mike!"

Adrianna D.

"StockedUp is awesome. I've made more money with Mike than any other website I've ever paid for. Definitely worth it. Mike is super awesome and knows his stuff. If you have any questions, Mike will answer! Its a Fantastic trading community!!"

It's definitely worth trying out even if it's just for a month… if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time.

Mike D'Antonio
Founder & CEO of StockedUp

“The programs we developed work amazing now and they’ll only get better. We’re constantly reinvesting back into the Statistical Modeling program to make it as great as it possibly can be.”    

Mike has been relentlessly studying and trading the stock market since he was 15 years old. The Statistical Modeling Program is by far his most popular service. While the program is already well worth the price, Mike is dedicated to constantly making it even better. He spends his weekends optimizing strategies and backtesting to put the group in a position to win. He knows that the market is always changing and that you have to be able to adapt to survive in today’s volatile environment.    

StockedUp has teamed up with data science engineers from the Ivy League to make some of the best trading tools available to its clients. The tools StockedUp offers work great and they’ll only get better. Mike is constantly reinvesting back into the Statistical Modeling program to make it as great as it possibly can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many alerts are there each day? There are usually 2-3 alerts per day.
  • What if I need help and do I need any technical experience? Our tools are very user friendly and you don’t need any technical experience. We have one of the most supportive communities in the industry so if you ever needed any help, just let us know. We got your back! 
  • How are the alerts sent? The alerts are sent through a free app called Discord. It’s very popular, easy to use, and you can even get notifications on your device when alerts are sent. 
  • What else is included? In addition to daily options alerts, custom trading robots, educational channels, unusual options activity tools, news bots, and theta strategies, you also get access to a private community full of dedicated traders. Mike spends a ton of time in the private chat so you’ll be really close to the trader behind this program. 

Try it out just for a month… if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time.