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Options Trading Can Be Very Difficult.. Let Us Guide You

Spot-on Accuracy

Our algorithm has been backtested with an impressive 75% win rate! 

Works On Any Brokerage

Our service works on any and every brokerage that allow options trading!

All Of The Work Is Done For You

All the math is done for you. You just have to buy the options we alert! 

Excellent Support

Whether you need help placing your orders or just have a question, our support team is here to help you. 

Know When to Buy & Sell

We tell you exactly what to buy and when to sell. All you have to do is follow the picks!

How Does The Service Work?
We Send You Exactly What Options To Buy Through A Free App Called Discord.

Product 1 - The Options Bot

The Stat Modeling Algorithm updates you every minute showing you the best options to day trade.

Product 2 - Swing Trades

We Tell You What To Buy. 


We Tell You When & What To Sell.


No Technical Experience Needed!
Our Service Works From Your Tablets, Mobile Phone & Laptops.
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You're In Good Hands

Our strategy took years to develop. We know exactly what works and what doesn't in the options market. That's one of the reasons we are one of the fastest growing financial education companies of 2020. We have some of the most accurate options picks with the best support.

There are typically 2 alerts per day. 

Who Else Loves Our Picks?

Check Out Some Of Our Verified Reviews:

"Excellent opportunity to get in on algorithm options trading with some inspiring young minds. Not only has the option trading been successful, but they are always available and answer questions in an extremely quick timeframe. I also enjoy the other callouts that are not part of the package, but always seem to be great plays. Excited to see where these young men end up in 10 years. The algorithm paid itself off within the first week of buying."
- Cole C.

"It goes without but thank you so much for making this available to people! I'm incredibly pleased with the picks so far (though especially so with the Microsoft one) and I know I'll e able to pay for my college application in no time at this rate"
- Matthew P.


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